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Welcome To Hidden Horses.

Horse Keeping for the 21st Century and the Beyond

Natural Horse CareThe aim of this website is to help and advise owners around the horse world who want to develop  a 21st century understanding of horses. Horse care that is based firmly on science and new thinking. Much of this is based around developing your horse’s environment, which leads to new, healthy and natural forms of management and training. Despite the human science behind it, 21st Century horse care is actually based on giving back to the horse the right to be the animal nature always intended it to be. This does not mean however, that we will cease to enjoy our relationship with the horse, in fact we will deepen and enhance that relationship because we will have deepened and enhanced our understanding of both our horses and ourselves.

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Chapter 1: The Truth about Horses

I wrote this book for everyone who wants to know about horses. I deliberately did not set out to write a science book, neither did I write it entirely for adults. My idea was that this book, although it contains many scientific references and terms, should still be something that any child of eleven or twelve years of age should be able to pick up and read and understand; for, as one of my teachers once said,. “'What we understand, we will never forget”. Michel Thomas,  Linguist.

All my life I have been fascinated by how humans behave when they are around animals, I suppose it goes back to my childhood, my father was a vet and so my childhood home was above a busy London veterinary hospital, complete with a daily stream of animals and their owners, - each case with a story to tell.

I can't remember when I first began to wonder about why humans did the things they did to animals, perhaps it was a result of being exposed, at too young an age, to tragic cases of animal (and human) suffering or equally, perhaps it was the many wonderful occasions when the relationship between human and animal led to a positive and happy outcome. It may have been a mixture of both of these things; but I do know that everything came together in my young life, when I met my first horse.  To read more please fill in the form and click ‘Download’>>

Positive Reinforcement Training

PRT is a term which covers all types of training that are based on the behavioural law of positive reinforcement, (see my book Hidden Horses for a full definition and explanation of this term). PRT techniques include many methods such as target training,clicker training and body language techniques. MORE>>

Hidden Horses originally developed from a series of blogs that I began to write in 2009 based on the idea of keeping horses in a more naturalistic way, placing understanding and respect for the horse as an animal at the centre of the management routine. These ideas eventually expanded into a book. within this site you will find much more information on this new thinking. It is my ambition for this thinking to become the new standard for keeping horses in the 21st Century. MORE>>

Natural Horse Care

A track system is a way of keeping horses based on allowing the herd constant movement, (should they choose to take it), around a continuous looped track. This system was first proposed by Jamie Jackson in his book ' Paddock Paradise' ,published in 2006 by Star-Ridge Publishing.  MORE>>

Track System or Paddock Paradise

Natural Horse Care Track Systems Positive reinforcement Mark Hanson and Ted

Revealing your Hidden Horse

This is the book your horse wants you to read. Its revolutionary approach to understanding horses, horse training and horse care explores traditional and popular paradigms currently in use and tests them against a new 21st century model that results in happier human interactions with horses, vastly improved relationships with horses, and most importantly, much healthier horses. The book is available in three different formats:

As a paperback, delivered to your door in 3-5 working days. As an eBook suitable for your favourite reader: iPad, Kindle, Sony etc.As a downloadable PDF eBook file to read on your computer NOW.

TIP: Download the first chapter here: FREE.

Revealing your Hidden Horse Cover


“I’ve just read your book and I think it’s the best and most important book about horses I have ever read. I recommend it to all my friends”

C.L. Sweden

“I thoroughly recommend this book for its clarity, insight and its potential to help many people help many horses.” J.P Scotland

“I class this book as one of my all time favourites - it is a great read.” C.C Tasmania

“This book will set you well on the way to a healthy, trusting relationship with your horse. Enjoy!” M.S N.Z

“I've read many books in this genre, traditional, scientific in approach, or more spiritual, and yours is by far the BEST. Hands down. Love it.” A.L. M Canada

“Just had to write to say that I am half way through your book and it is fantastic. Everyone who owns a horse or deals with horses should read it.”

S.C France

“WOW!”, To say we’re on the same path is an understatement.” Cynthia Royal. USA Equine behaviourist and relationship specialist. Owner SHADOWFAX from Lord  of the Rings

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“The best horse book I have read!” E.P. Canada

Click HERE to read an independent Review

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