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“If a horse trusts you then anything is possible.”

Judy Paterson- Training for Trust

This weekend is dedicated to horses, ponies, donkeys and those who seek to care for them in as natural a manner as possible using positive reinforcement approaches.

From Scotland UK:

Judy Paterson has established Training for Trust (T4T) as a bespoke approach supporting people around the world as they work with their equines using positive reinforcement methods. T4T is non confrontational and builds trust, the foundation for deep and lasting relationships. Meet her and some of her members from the UK and Ireland with a possible Skype link to others around the world.

From Tasmania Australia:       

Cynthia Cooper will bring her award winning Light Rider Bitless Bridle and share a wealth of experience on many aspects of keeping horses naturally. Cynthia’s website is packed with information:  making the transition into bitless riding, hoof care, saddles, young stock and much more.  

From Cornwall UK:

Mark Hanson is making an impact around the world with his book, Revealing Your Hidden Horse. This excellent book explains the historical and traditional models of keeping horses along with concise explanations about various training methods in language anyone can understand. “The Good Stuff” explains how and why keeping horses in the natural way and using positive reinforcement training approaches develops real relationships.

Training For Trust Weekend T4T
@ Saughs Farm,  Bailey, Newcastleton, Cumbria  TD9 0TT
11/12 August 2012

Three people from vastly different backgrounds and experiences came across each other on the Internet because of their commitment to the horse. They share a belief that horses deserve to live in freedom and as naturally as possible- that we use positive reinforcement methods when teaching them and that if we do introduce tack it is non invasive, gentle and makes sense to the horse.

Judy Paterson was at Saughs Farm last year with her horses and returns this year with some of her Training For Trust members from Ireland and the is a bit far for her members in Australia and the USA!

This year she has invited Mark Hanson and Cynthia Cooper to share a weekend with anyone who wants to develop deep and lasting relationships with their horses.


SATURDAY11th August 2012:  9am  - 5pm

The day will start with hearing about you and your horses followed by each of our guests introducing themselves and explaining a little about their experiences.

After that the floor is open to you to ask questions and initiate discussion. The day is fluid in order to best suit you. It is possible for us to have break-out sessions and this may include a demo of some of the principles in use with Sally’s horses. See the Light Rider bridle in use and other bitless bridles.

Sally is also able to give us some work on her simulator “horse”. Let’s explore balance!

Bring something to share with everyone for lunch.

Entry by Donation

Staying over?

A good chance to relax and enjoy the company of like-minded people in the evening.

Sunday Morning – an opportunity to continue discussion.

Book early to be on site.  

Saughs Farm,  Bailey, Newcastleton, Cumbria  TD9 0TT

To book contact Sally Spencer         01697 748346

B&B £28  incl breakfast. Sharing cottages.

Saturday evening meal (main and dessert) £10 please advise of any dietary requirements. BYOB


Local B&B’s can be suggested.

Local hotels and restaurants 6 miles away.