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Bitless Bridles

Lightrider Bitless: Recommended

Successful Natural Horse Care

Successful natural horsecare

Hoofing Marvellous

Natural Hoofcare

Barefoot Horse Resource

Barefoot information

Paddock Paradise

Get started with a track system

Barefoot & Bitless

Natural Horse World

Bitless Bridles

Paddock Paradise Wiki

Useful PP resource


Super Science Resource

Natural Horse People

All Natural Horse Care

All Natural Horse Care

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Classical Horse Meditation

Natural Animal Centre



Planet Equitopia

French Horse site

The Natural Horse

French Natural Horsecare

Cynthia Royal & Shadowfax

 Discover the magic

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Alexandra Kurland

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Karen Pryor

Training Horses Naturally

Natural Horse Keeping + more


Stale Cheerios

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Sustainable horse keeping

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My Natural Horses (Book)

My  Natural Horses

Clicker Training Guide (PDF) Recommended!

Clicker Training Guide

Training for Trust (T4T)

Personal Support & Communication (recommended)

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